WES LCD Universal Test Equipment

  WES LCD Universal Test Equipment Product Description  WES LCD Universal Test Equipment Applications: This series of testing machines are suitable for metal and nonmetal tests in tensile. compression, bending, shearing, stripping, welding rod, brick and its building block. Oil-cylinder located at bottom. low height, light weight, If equipped with strand Grip, the machine can be used for strand test. (please marked of the contract.)Feature:This series of test machines use sensor to measure force. and use LCD to display force value , the rate of exerting force,the curve of force-time. The curve of force-time can automatically switching range according to change with force value and time. Automatically judge the yield point. If add electronic extensomete-r and displacement gage interface. (please marked of the contract ),that’s also can display the curve of force-deformation and force-displacement. Accordingly can measure the RP0.2 , Modulus of elasticity for prestressed twine and so on. intuitionistic reading and high precision   (national standard first class precision).They can save 1000 samples' date which can be inquired by serial number. They possess the function of following exerting force's rate,exceeding range protection,interruptions in power supply. real-time clock, printing and so on. This series of testing machines leave communication interface, and througth which they can beconnected with users' local area network to implement long-distance sending data. this machine has high cost performancemain specifications:

model WES-100B WES-300B WES-600B WES-1000B WES-2000B
(KN)maximum test force 100 300 600 1000 2000
maximum magnitude for relative error of indicating value ±1.0%
displaying mode  L C D display
(KN) resolution 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.02 0.02
(mm) maximum tensile space 620 620 690 620 700
(mm) maximum compression space 550 550 620 580 600
(mm) flat sample clamping thickness 0~15 0~15 0~15 0~40 0~50
(mm) round sample clamping diameter Φ6~Φ22 Φ10~Φ32 Φ13~Φ40 Φ14~Φ45 Φ20~Φ70
(mm) maximum distance between curving test of roll 400 400 600 600 600
(mm) the distance between bilateral stanchion 460 495 570 600 580
(kW) motor power 1.2 2 2.1 2.1 5.5
(V) power supply voltage 50Hz~60Hz/380V
(mm)external dimension(L×W×H) main body 720×440×1920     800×500×1950 950×630×2265 980×650×2220 1200×850×2900
control desk 620×480×1135
(kg) net weight 1500 2000 2500 3300 5000

note: we can provide power supply with 50~60HZ/220V. please marked it in the order contract.   WAW-1000B can be equipped with Φ20-Φ60 clamp jaw according to customer's requirements WES LCD Universal Test EquipmentWES LCD Universal Test EquipmentWES LCD Universal Test Equipment