tomatic can filling machine

 Product Description  Item No: WQF4G12Power: 5.5kwCapacity: 30~170cans/minThe number of capping heads: 4The number of filling heads: 12Weight: 3100kgsCan Diameter:φ52.5-99mm   Can height: H39-160mmSize: 2850*1500*1900mm Packaging & Shipping  

Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail: 45 days after down payment

1. This machine is the equipment which designed and produced on the basis of beverage filling and machine. The main electric components adopt import products, like "Mitsubishi" PLC,   frequency converter and proximity switch.2. It is high speed of filling,running steady,high quality seaming,pleasing shape,convenient for use and maintenance,touch screen operation,frequency control and the distances between liquid level and rim of can are consistent. It is ideal equipment for cannery.3. And you could setup the production speed on touch screen. Machine alarm automatically of all common malfunctions and show the cause and position of malfunction, PLC detect and decide to continue or stop the machine according the level of malfunction.Advantages:1. Overall structure is more reasonable and beautiful;2. The diameter of seaming head is bigger than before which prolong the seaming cam service. And adopts import heavy bearing which average working life increase at least 5 times.3. Twin axle structure: The first seaming roll and the second seaming roll are separated.4. The capper is running in an anticlockwise direction, and make the cans leave the capper as it’s direction to avoid jam and scratchs.5. Liquid cylinder is arc structure, no dead angle for liquid left, and adopts CIP clean automatic design (under the user’s requirement), clean without tear apart the filling head after working.tomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machine  We are mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing filling machines and seaming machines of beverage can, milk powder , tomato sauce tin etc. We have been in beverage packing more than 30 years. We will install the machine for you, and train your employees to use the machine well.tomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machinetomatic can filling machine