ptical instruments square transmission grating

optical instruments square transmission grating
Product Description

  Product Description

  Transmission GratingsTransmission Gratings are designed to disperse incident light at specific angles. Angular dispersion is a function of angle of incidence and groove spacing. Dispersion increases as angle of incidence increases or as groove spacing decreases. Coarse groove spacing maintains high efficiency while fine groove spacing reduces transmission at long wavelengths resulting in low efficiency.ptical instruments square transmission gratingTransmission gratings can be used in teaching spectrometer or as beam splitters. We can replicate transmission gratings from almost any of our plane reflection gratings. The groove densities of transmission gratings including 100L/mm, 200l/mm, 300l/mm, 500l/mm and 1000l/mm are often used.If the transmission gratings are used in precision measure instruments as beam splitters, we need redesign and producted a new. Specificationse.g. 

Groove Density (g/mm) 300
Blaze Wavelength (nm) 500
Blaze Angle 4.3°
Dimensions (mm) 64*64
Type Transmission Diffraction Grating
Construction Transmission Grating—GT124

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Note: The sizes listed in this table are the maximum ruled areas. All gratings can be replicated to a smaller size and directly ordered. If you need a grating area more than ruled areas in the table or other specification, you must contact us in advance.  Actual product        ptical instruments square transmission gratingOur Services

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PackingUsually, we use plastic box to pack the Grating for inner, then we will use cartons to pack them .We also can pack them as your requirementptical instruments square transmission gratingShipmentWe ship Grating to more than 200 countries world wide through fast and
reliable delivery partners .Can post it as your requirement and will choose the best service and cheapest express for you.Most time ,the delivery time is 5-7 work days . ptical instruments square transmission grating FAQ



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