Portable X-ray NDT test equipment

 Product Description   Characteristics:(1) Small volume, Light Weight, easy to take and simplicity of operation
(2) Safe and reliable generator adopts design of SF6 gaseous insulator, grounded-anode, and fan forced cooling .
(3) Controller adopts design of hardware with a wide operative range, having the advantage of long service and low failure rate.
(4) Excellent anti-jamming performance. Capable to operate from 180V to 250V voltage.
(5) Possess the reliable “Time –delayed” fiction, suitable to operate in the open field.
(6) High degree of automation, with the fiction of trouble self shooting and indication.(7) Strictly followed with 1:1 working /resting radio , eliminating the disoperation.(8) The HV windings made by imported enamel wire are applied in the X-ray generator, so as to make the quality of the complete equipment improved a great deal. 

  Classify   Beamangle   Model   Tube voltage(KV)   Capacity(KW)   Focus    size(mm)  Max.penetrationA3 steel   (mm)  X-ray generator 
 Size(mm)  Weight (kg)
 Ceramic tubedirectional                                40° XXG-1605 60-160 >1.5 1.5*1.5 20 230*200*570 14
XXG-2005 80-200 >2.0 1.5*1.5 29 290*290*620 26
XXG-2505 130-250 >2.5 2.0*2.0 39 330*330*710 32
XXG-3005 150-300 >3.0 2.5*2.5 49 340*340*850 37
XXG-3505 200-350 >3.5 2.5*2.5 59 330*330*670 38

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