High quality detector/Multi-function welding Eddy Current Test Equipment

Multi-function welding Eddy Current Test Equipment /High quality detector  Multi-function Eddy Current Test Equipment for Metal Workpieceeddy current testing signal playback, analysis, archiving, printing
Fast digital electronic balance High quality detector/Multi-function welding Eddy Current Test Equipment IDEA Team      More than 180 , there are more than 50 people is research staff, including doctor degree (three ), master degree (fifteen), bachelor degree(about thirty ), and their average age is 32;  Another more than 130 people are professional marketing specialist, NDT technical support officer and customer service staff, who are distributed throughout the country offices and branches. 

Strong R&D team: As a leading supplier and manufacturer of NDT testing instrument manufacture, more than 30 research personnel of which there are about 15% engineers with at least master’s degree, and 85% with bachelor degree. With strong R&D capacity, IDEA has formed a collaborative network of community-based research with well-known institutions and research institute.
Honors: 1). Main partner of the national NDT (non-destructive) key laboratory2). With our own electromagnetic inspection center3). Has beening authorized as the project unit of scientific and technology innovation.4). One of the main national new product R&D sites.5). As member of the China Pioneer park of high-technology6). The doctoral research site of Xiamen University7). The council of Xiamen Private Technology Association8). he supplier of national educational ndt test center9). The cooperator of NCHU10).High-tech enterprise in Xiamen11). ISO9001:2000
Eddy Current Flaw Detectors of IDEA With the adoption of the most advanced digital electronic technology, multi-frequency eddy current technology, and microprocessor technology, the IDEA eddy current series detectors can achieve effective inner wall and outside wall cracks detection of the ferromagnetic and non- ferromagnetic metal pipes in real time.  
Specification: 1.Adopted with the most advanced digital electronic technology, remote field eddy current technology and microprocessor technology.2. Digital display, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability3.The role of multi-frequency, effectively inhibit the interference signals from other parts.4.With advanced performance of conventional multi-frequency, multi-channel eddy current testing systems.5.Once passing through the pipe, it can be detect inner and outside wall surface cracks, pits, corrosion, wall thinning, and wall materials and internal defects.6.Can switch into multiple single-frequency eddy current instruments via the switch7.Equipped with professional data analysis software to improve the detecting efficiency of the detecting personnel.
Application: 1. Steel parts, steel billet, round steel, bar, pipe, weld, cable and other products testing2. In-service pipe, metal parts testing, analysis and evaluation of nuclear energy, electric power, petrochemical, aerospace, aviation and other departments3. Boilers, petrochemical industry, pressure vessels, pipelines, oil storage equipment corrosion detection

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