Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentrat

Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentrator  Acrylic fresnel lens: Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentratA series of concentric grooves on a flat, thin piece of plastic makes possible a large diameter, lightweight and inexpensive lens with a short focal length. Each groove acts as a minute refracting facet capable of bending light, thus giving greater transmittance than a conventional lens of the same focal length. Product Specification: Product:BHPA880-2
Size: 1000*1000mm
Thickness: 3mm
Material: PMMA
Groove pitch: 0.2mm
Focal length: 880mmTransmission (%): 92 (from 400-1100nm)
Index of Refraction nd : 1.491
Operating Temperature (°C): 80 (Maximum) Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentrat The lens has been tested and is best for solar concentrator, solar hot water heating and so on. focal point temperature could be arrive max 800-1000 degree  we can also cut to circular or small size square as you need.Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentrat About Us BHLENS process acrylic fresnel lens by pressing and injection methords, on condition that to keep the lens clean, clear and with optical effect, we could choose the processing methord of cheapest cost for the customer.   We are one of the leading fresnel lens manufacturers in China, with 100 employees and 15 senior engineers. Being in this field for about 10 years, we successfully exported products to all over the world. We are ISO9001, ROHS, CE, Factory Audit certificated.Our R&D center has powerful research ability,OEM orders are available. Inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours Best advantage is : we can make mould by ourselves, so we can customize fresnel lens according to your design. customized lens show: Optical Instruments large fresnel lens solar concentrat