ltrasonic weld test equipment testing

 Ultrasonic weld test equipment testing  ultrasonic weld test equipment testingultrasonic weld test
1. Detection range :0-12000mm
2. Gain: 0-110dB, 0.5/2/6/12 step for choice
3.ISO9901 About product: 

Model                 IDEA-UT2008
Product ultrasonic weld test equipment testing
Type Ultrasonic weld test
Description IDEA-UT2008 digital ultrasonic flaw detector is the our latest high-tech product which is suitable for various testing requirements for home and abroad customers towards the forging, welding, steel parts, aircraft parts and other metal workpieces testing, providing top quality devices and best services for all clients
Specification 1.Notebook palm structure, elegant and generous 2.American Welding Society Standard AWS D1.1/D1.53. The use of high-luminance color screen, clear instrument display even in bright daylight, suitable for various operating conditions.4. Automatic testing of the probe frequency, automatic optimization of the square-wave width, to achieve the optimal match of the probe and test instrument.5. Visualized thickness alarm function, continuous storage of waveform and multi-waveform measuring modes.6. Automatic measuring of apparatus indicators and automatic peak search function.7. A variety of testing standards setting for choice.8.Mass storage of up to 1000 waveforms and the corresponding parameters9. Automatic generation of DAC curve, no restriction of sampling points, compensation and modification accepted.10. Distance compensation and the amplification of waveform inside gate, which makes it easier to distinguish the defect signals
Parameter 1. Detection range :0-1200mm, the minimum display range 0.1mm2.Operating Frequency: 0.3 ~ 20MHz, sub-broadband, narrowband two tranches3. Pulse repetition frequency: in total 10 tranches, frequency adjustable.4. Gain: 0-110dB, 0.5/2/6/12 step for choice5. Testing wave modes: positive, negative, bi-directional, radio frequency (RF)6. Monitoring Gate: two independent measurement gates.7. Echo Evaluation: sound process, horizontal distance, vertical distance, amplitude, dB difference display8. A-type echo freeze: freezing of the testing pictures9.Vertical Linearity Error: ≤ 3%10. Level Linearity Error: ≤ 0.1%11. Surplus Sensitivity: ≥ 60dB 200mm diameter 2 flat-bottom hole
Application Suitable for different users at home and abroad on the forging, welding, steel parts, aircraft parts and other workpieces testing.

 About company: IDEA Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, a domestic first-class high-tech enterprise professional development of non-destructive testing instruments and equipment. It is mainly dedicated to the research and development of the electromagnetic (eddy current, magnetic flux leakage and the magnetic memory), ultrasonic testing, industrial electronic endoscope apparatus and equipment ,has gained many national patents, and obtained the national science and technology fund of technology-based SMEs in technological innovation fund. Products are widely used in aerospace, electric power, oil and gas, metallurgy, machinery and automotive industries About advantage: 1.The biggest hi-tech enterprise with independent R&D center ,manufacturing center and marketing center in China.2.Has a total of 23 items patents and other intellectual property rights3.Good "7S" management, ERP management (regulate the internal management) and enforce strict quality guarantee system ISO9001: 20004.Short lead times, competitive price with perfect after-sales service system About certificate:  ltrasonic weld test equipment testing  About application:  ltrasonic weld test equipment testingltrasonic weld test equipment testingltrasonic weld test equipment testingltrasonic weld test equipment testing     ultrasonic weld test