Lined with stainless steel automatic powder packaging machine

  Scope of application  Flour, starch, feed and food, light industry, building materials industries such as automatic quantitative packaging machine . Features of automatic powder packaging machine (1)High precision: choose high precision weighing controller, good reliability. (2)Good integrity, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and flexible .(3)Speed is adjustable, powder feeding way of such equipment for spiral feeding .(4)The feeding speed can be set freely  by controller .(5)Environmental protection operation, the closed loop system, effectively prevent the dust float in the sky, improving the working   environment, protecting human body health .(6) Reasonable structure, compact structure, small size, can according to user requirements into a fixed or movable body . Lined with stainless steel automatic powder packaging machine   Technical parameters  

Device name technical parameters DCS-25F
Computer quantitative scale(scale body) weighting scope (kg) 10-25
speed(bag/h) 200-300
permissible error 0.2%
equipped with power(kw) 2.2kw
equipped with air 0.4-0.6Mpa, 0.1m3/MIN
weight(kg) 500
control instrument   GM8804C
clamp weight(kg) 60
transportation conveying distance (m) 2.0
equipped with power(kw) 0.37
weight(kg) 240
hemming machine equipped with power(kw) 0.55
weight(kg) 100
boundary dimension boundary dimension (mm) 2332*1225*1058
weight(kg) 450

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