IPX56 waterproof tester Laboratory IP5/6 flush test equipment

13 years experience in equipment manufacturing ! Welcome your comments!  Flush test device(IPX56) FC-2  Standard compliance: This Flush test device is designed and manufactured according to standard IEC60529 (GB4208-2008)/ IEC60335-1(GB4706.1)/ IEC60884-1(GB2099.1)/ IEC60598-1(GB7000.1)/ IEC60950(GB4943).  Application: Conducting IP code enclosure protection test on the electrical and electronic products, to assess the possible damage effect.  If no need installation, the water need recycle and the sample is quite small, you can choose the closed type(test chamber) equipments.  IPX56 waterproof tester Laboratory IP5/6 flush test equipment  Company description: Shanghai Chictest Equipment company is a professional manufacturer in R&D, production, and collocation for test equipments. Our main business: Professional test equipment for electric and electronic prodects; Customization and R&D for lighting and electric appliances test equipment; Specialized laboratory solution.IPX56 waterproof tester Laboratory IP5/6 flush test equipment  Welcome to contact us!!!