HIOS torque tester/Torque test

Name HIOS torque tester Mode HP 10,HP-100 Product description LCD digital display torque, can be simply read correctly. Features 1.LCD digital display torque, can be simply read correctly. 2.Can display maximum torque , correct to set the tools torque. 3.Can test  clockwise, counterclockwise torque. 4.Three-unit selector switch kgf .cm, lbf.in,,N.m. 5.High measurement accuracy, the error is in 0.5%. 6.With an array output terminals for connecting peripheral devices, drawing torque curve , printing  measurement results, convenient for judgment and statistics, management. 7.Portable rechargeable design, easy to carry. 

Mode HP-10 HP-100
Totque lbf.in 0.15-9.0 1.5-90.0
kgf.cm 0.15-10.0 1.5-100.00
N.m 0.015-1.000 0.15-10.00
Precision ±0.5%
Work mode Maximum,whole course,first maximum
Size(mm) 123×230×65
Weight(Kg) 1.8
Power 1.2V NiCd 5batteries,1200mAh
Charging time 8hours
Continuous service time 30hours
Transformer IN:AC 120V or 220-240V; OUT:DC 7.25V 120mA

 HIOS torque tester/Torque testHIOS torque tester/Torque testHIOS torque tester/Torque test