Henan Tianlong Milk Testing Sieve Equipment with Time

Henan Tianlong Milk Testing Sieve Equipment with Timer  Product DescriptionTest screen is widely used in laboratory screening tests and analysis, quality inspection departments which analysis particles, powder particle size distribution measurement, product impurity content, measured liquid solids content. Compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, precision accuracy and so prominent, high-quality new power generator, producing multi-frequency vibration, for efficient screening of the material was determined. Meanwhile according to different materials to achieve the electronic delay by different working hours, to minimize testing errors, ensure the consistency of sample analysis data to make an accurate judgment on the quality of products.Applications First, according to the material being tested and the appropriate criteria to determine a standard screening tools to choose.
Second, according to the standard sieve apertures descending, stacked from bottom to top in order to seat the tray by a groove or screw on a standard screening tools for positioning.
Third, the seized material is placed in the top in standard sieve, (or with a standard sieve with the cover) and then set in the silk screening column headers to suppress standard sieve, tighten
Wire nut to compress column standard sieve. (Note: The two sides agreed to the force, and then tighten the locking screw.)
Fourth, the timer switch on the location of the corresponding need (note reading timer instructions set different settings at different times) and then turn on the power switch,
Test sieve began to work.
Fifth, work stopped after the standard test sieve, unscrew the wire nut column, remove the screening head, carefully removed the standard sieve.Sixth, cut off power.Advantages(1) Good filtering(2) Corrosion resistance(3) Easy to clean(4) Acid and alkali resistance(5) High temperature resistance(6) Uniform aperture size(7) Small orders accepted(8) Long using life(9) Easy to use and treansport(10) Wide applicationTechnical Parameters

Test Sieve Specification
Sieve Material Stainless steel, Carbon steel or as your requirements.
Technology Woven
Standard ISO, CE and so on
Sieve Diameter 3" 6" 8" 10" 12" 200mm 300mm
Frame Material Brass , stainless steel ,etc.
Frame  Height (full) 1-3/4'' — 2-5/8''
Aperture shape Square
Mesh opening / Aperture 5–500mesh    10–200μm

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