HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing Equipment

 Plastic HDT Vicat Tester  Applications:  Plastic HDT Vicat Tester is used to determine hot temperature and vicat softening temperature of high polymer materials, plastic,rubber etc, as an index of control quality control and test thermal derformation property of plastic products ( PVC pipes, PVC sheet, ABS sheet).   Related standards:  ISO 75-2 specifies three methods, using different values of constant flexural stress, which can be used for the determination of the temperature of deflection under load of plastics. ISO 306 Plastics — Thermoplastic materials — Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST) .   Technical parameters: 1. Temperature range: room temperature -300℃ 2. Heat up rate: 120℃/h(12±1℃/6min) 50℃/h(5±0.5℃/6min) 3. Temperature error: ±0.5℃ 4. Deflection error: 0.01mm 5. Sample frame number: 3 6. Heated medium: methyl silicon oil or transformer oil 7. Power: 4KW 8. Cooling mode: faster water cooling fully or natural cooling 9. Power supply: AC220V±10% 15A 50Hz 10. Load pole and press head weight: 88±1g. 11. Can set upper target temperature: when test temperature reach up to target temperature, automatically stop controlling temperature and heating. 12. Can set flexural stress, sample size, target deformation, Load pole, press head weight and other setting values. 13. Automatically record heating deformation temperature, Vicat softening temperature, sound alarm, and and can print test report and test curves. 14. With discharge of lampblack pollution and cooling function. 15. electric sample frame raise and drop. 16. Size: 528mm×545mm×37mm (L*W*H )    HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing Equipment HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing Equipment  HDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing EquipmentHDT/Vicat Softening Point Testing Equipment