Gas Cylinder Testing Equipment DW4821

Application:  DW4821 Hydrostatic-Water Jacket Cylinder Test Systemcan be applied in the hydraulic pressure test of gas cylinder based on external measurement. The residual deformation rate of the cylinder can be measured accurately in the test to guarantee the safe operation of the cylinder. Features:l Based on external measurementl Adopt advanced pressure sensor, water volume measuring componentl Using advanced digital circuit and microprocessor;l Controlled by computer;l The pressure, deformation, residual deformation, and residual deformation rate are all recorded              and calculated  automaticallyl The final report can be printed outl Can be customized Key Specification:l Water jacket size                                  can be customized l Model of pneumatic pump                  M72l Air cylinder size                                      QGAΦ100×100l Range of pressure sensor                  0~70Mpal Range of electronic balance                0~1500 gl Test pressure                                 ≤40 Mpal Air source pressure                      0.6~1.0 Mpal Power supply                                 AC220V/50Hzl Weight                                             ≈550 kgl Consol size                                   1420×750×1650 mm (L×W×H)   keywords: Hydrostatic-Water Jacket Cylinder Test System, gas cylinder testing equipment, gas cylinder hydraulic pressure testing machine, cylinder safety performance, residual deformation of compressed gas cylinder, cylinder hydrostatic pressure test ,deformation of cylinder, residual deformation rate of cylinder, water jacket, water decrement of cylinder, hydraulic cylinder test machine