Fully Automatic Capsules/Pill/Tablets Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine 

This machine is used in the pharmaceutical industry of capsule, tablet, and pilled foodstuff, food industry, liquid chocolate candies, chewing gum, cookies, jam, facial mask, eye of the cosmetics industry, medical device industry, needles, syringes, infusion tube and electronic component products such as aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic blister packaging. 
Main technical parameters
Item Model DPP-350A DPP-250A DPP-140A
Cutting Frequency(ideal sizes:80*57mm) 15-45 cutting/min 15-45 cutting/min 15-45 cutting/min
Max. Forming Area and Depth 350×130×50 250×120×30 140×110×15
Adjustable Scope of Travel(mm) 30-140mm 30-130mm 30-120mm
Packaging material(I.D.Φ75) PVC(mm) (0.15-0.6)×350×(Φ400) (0.15-0.4)×260×(Φ400) (0.15-0.4)×160×(Φ350)
PTP(mm) (0.02-0.15)×350×(Φ400) (0.02-0.15)×260×(Φ400) (0.02-0.15)×160×(Φ350)
Paper(mm) (50-100)gsm×350×(Φ400) (50-100)gsm×260×(Φ400) (50-100)gsm×160×(Φ350)
Power 380V  50Hz 9.5kw 380V  50Hz 8kw 380V  50Hz  5.5k
Air compression(self-prepared) 0.6-0.8Mpa≥0.6m³/min 0.6-0.8Mpa≥0.45m³/min 0.6-0.8Mpa≥0.4m³/min
Recycle water or circulating water consumption  60-100L/h  40-80L/h  40-80L/h
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(including foundation) 3650×850×1700 2900×750×1600 2400×650×1450
Dimension of Each Part 1850×850×1700(front) 1500×750×1600(front) 1350×650×1250(front)
1800×850×1650(back) 1400×750×1450(back) 1050×650×1450(back)
Weight About 2000kg About 1200kg About 800kg


Performance and characteristic
Pulling length can be adjusted. Mold is fixed by located groove so that it's easy to change mold. The machine heats the PVC through heated board and forms by compressed air frothing.Speed is controlled by inverter. It Adopts the interface of human-machine and PLC controller. Adopt universal feeder for feeding.The machine gets the function for Easy Cutting line embossing, batch number embossing and wasted packaging material rewinding.Step motor is adopted on the machine for precise controlling on pulling length and saving packing material.The heating molds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which contributes to protect the packing material from heated mould. Fully Automatic Capsules/Pill/Tablets Blister Packaging MachineFully Automatic Capsules/Pill/Tablets Blister Packaging MachineFully Automatic Capsules/Pill/Tablets Blister Packaging Machine
Fully Automatic Capsules/Pill/Tablets Blister Packaging Machinewe customize for your personal best suits your program!

Capsules Tablets Blister Packaging Machine