drop test equipment price

Drop Ball Testing Machine  Meet the standards: JIS-K6754,A5430   Drop Ball Testing Machine Uses: 
This tester is used for testing the fastness of plastic, ceramics, glass fiber,ect such materials.  Uses certain weight steel ball and adjust to certain height to let it fall freely and impact test sample. Then check the sample damage degree to judge the sample quality.

This tester uses DC electromagnetic control mode, put the steel ball below the electromagenetism sucker and the ball will be absorbed automatically. Press the dropping key, the steel ball will be released instantly and fll to impact the sample surface. The drop height can be adjusted and there are altitude scale to measure dropping height.  Drop Ball Testing Machine Manufacturer    Specifications:1. Max drop height: 1.5m (or custom made)2. Drop ball control mode: DC electromagnetic 3. Steel ball weight: 112, 198, 225, 357, 533, 1042, 2280g
4. Dimension: 46×46×2100cm
5. Test table dimension: 300×150mm
6. Weight: About 30kg
7. Power: 220V/50HZ  drop test equipment price  drop test equipment pricedrop test equipment price