High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine

Chengdu WealthRise Complete Mechanical Engineering Co.,LTDTop 3 chocolate candy packing machine manufacture in China,wholly foreign owned enterprise.Full Automatic Candy/ Chocolate Fold Packaging chine as our hot sales machine,more details,please follow me!High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine Application and Packing Speed of Chocolate Fold Packaging Machine             WS-SBZB450/WS-SBZB450D Folded/Brushed Pack Machine is the fully automatic packing machine which can be used for chocolates, pralines and pressed candy. Machines are suitable for small-to-medium sized products with certain dimensions and shapes, packing in the fold style (also available for additional label wrapping) . The maximum packing speed is 450 pcs per minute, which can vary according to different product shapes and packaging materials. High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging MachineSquare and Rectangle Chocolate Full Automatic Fold Packaging Machine         

Terms Description Note
Total Power 8 kW  
Voltage 380 V 50 Hz 3-phases according to your request
Compressed Air  0.6 MPa  
Packing Product Dimension (Rectangle)* Length 15-55 mm  
  Width 15-25 mm   
  Height 6-22 mm  
 *: Dimension limits are NOT strictAs for other product dimensions or shapes, please check and confirm with us

 High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging MachineChocolate Model Show (also have some chocolate for brushing)                    High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine Unique Advantages Become our Magic Key                                                      1.The series are controlled by program and have electronic control system for presence of the product, so that it don’t convey package paper if there are no product to be packed,which guarantee minimum paper consumption.2.Furthermore,it can realize automatic color code tracking to ensure automatic color code tracking for identical packaging patterns on the product to make the packaging appearance more perfect.3.If there is no paper ,it stop to work automatically. High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine  Full Automatic Chocolate  Fold Packaging Machine                                                    RO MELTING GLUE       CHOCOLATE HOLDER          PAPER              ELECTRIC     CABINET High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine           PAPER WHEEL                                    PU BELT                                                   OUT PARTSHigh Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine  High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine High Speed Fold Foil Chocolate Packaging Machine Packing Machine+Candy Making Machine                                            Full Automatic Candy/Chocolate Folded Packing Machine(additional wrapping label availabel)Full Automatic Candy/Chocolate Brush Packing MachineFull Automatic Spherical Candy/Chocolate Packing MachineFull Automatic Ferrero Rocher Packing MachineFull Automatic Single-twisting and Double -twisting Packing MachineFull Automatic Top-twisting Packing MachineArranging and Feeding MachineChocolate Five Roll Refiner Candy Bar Production L
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