Brand new spectrophotometer optical instrument for wholesales

spectrophotometer optical instrumentBrand new spectrophotometer optical instrument for wholesalesProduct Description Our spectrophotometer optical instrument has following functions: (1)     Photometric measurement: fixed wavelength transmittance and the absorbance of samples(2)     Quantitative test: a coefficient method input C=KA+B and A=KC+B                 b standard sample test Max 9 sample make standard curve(3)     Automobile dynamics: fixed wave test sample graph change during the time(4)     System apply: deuterium and tungsten lamp switch, wave calibration, Dark current calibration, record light source life, factory resetMain Features of spectrophotometer optical instrument : – 128*64 Dot LCD, English menu, T, display standard curve and absorption dynamics curve- Storage over 100 pcs standard curve, call sample concentration degree always, storage 200 group test data, compare and use at any time- Wide sample room can hold 5-100mm kinds of cuvette- Optical system: 1200/mm High Performance Holographic grating and import receiver to keep high performance index- Self calibration, wave calibration, keep calibration data, no need calibration repeat when turn on the machine, enter test data directly- High accuracy, full wavelength coverage, low stray light to meet different test inquiry- Film button, operate sensitive, numeric keyboard, input easily and fast- USB data output port, can match ROCTEC data processor online test- PC type standard ROCTEC scan analysis software, can achieve full wavelength spectrum scanning, multi wave test, with DNA/ protein determination function

Model V-1600 (PC) V-1800 (PC) UV-1600 (PC) UV-1800 (PC)
Wave range 320-1100nm 190-1100nm
Spectral bandwidth 4nm 2nm 4nm 2nm
wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm
wavelength repeatability ≤ 0.2nm
photometric accuracy ±0.002A(0~0.5A); ±0.004A(0.5~1A); ±0.3%T(0~100%T)
photometric repeatability ≤0.001A(0~0.5A); ≤ 0.002A(0.5~1A); ≤0.15%T(0~100%T)
stray light ≤0.05%T at 360nm ≤0.05%T at 220nm, 360nm
stability ±0.001A/h at 500nm
Baseline flatness ±0.002A
Noise 0.0005A (at 500nm)
Display way 128*64 large screen LCD
Work way T,A,C,E
Wavelength set way Auto
Display range 0-200% T, -0.3-3A
Detector Silicon photodiode
Light source deuterium and tungsten lamp
Keyboard Film numeric button
Data output USB port
Print output Parallel port
Power supply AC 220/50HZ or AC 110/60HZ
Dimension 470*370*180nm
Weight (Kg) 14     g

 Product Application Brand new spectrophotometer optical instrument for wholesales  Brand new spectrophotometer optical instrument for wholesalesBrand new spectrophotometer optical instrument for wholesalesCompany Information SHAANXI ROCTEC TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD. as a leading manufacturer in the field of the advanced apparatus and established in 2007,Shaanxi Rotec Technology Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive group company with independent legal personality that mainly deals with study, development, manufacture and scaled sales of the advanced chemical apparatus and the exploration of biotechnology. In detail, we manufacture the jacketed glass reactor (double-layer glass reactor), UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, vacuum freeze dryer, centrifuge, autoclave, rotary evaporator etcSince its very beginning of establishment, our employee has always been pursuing the spirit of "dedication , reality, competition and struggle" and supplying the well-content products service for the laboratory apparatuses, furniture, reagent, overall design and fitting-out works needed from the state-grade scientific institutes, pharmaceutical factory and colleges and universities' testing laboratories. Our strict execution of the standard of the manufacturing technical and establishment of complete the quality management system ensure its reliable quality and strong footing in a market of so many areas and countries at home and abroad . Looking forward to the future, we will further strength the concept of quality and service to acclimatize our self to the scientific and technological progress with each passing day. ROCTEC Technology – Faithfully serve you forever!