Aseptic Juice Carton Filling Machine CBA6000

 Product Description This kind of aseptic juce long shelf life filler are one machine one size, it possible for customized order for package size as below: -125ml ,  200ml, 250ml, 1 L . The HTST or UHT juice inside can reach shelf to 6-12 months, without any food presertives.  Main Paremeter:  Electricity Inverter: MitsubishiWorking PLC: Mistubishi PLCPiston: FESTOTempertature Controlling System: MT500Driving Motor: ABBOhter: Stainless steel Structure & PannelNormal capacity: 200ml Slim /box Filling temperature        ambient tempatureSize of brick-shaped box: 47mm×38mm×119mm Packaging material  cardboard / polyethylene /aluminum foil composite (six layers)Design producing speed: 6000 boxes/h for 200ml Slim Operator1Maximum external dimensions5500mm×2000mm×4380mmGross weight: 3300 kgTotal power: 35KW(25KW used)Compressed air:0.8M3/m   0.8~1.0MPaCooling water clean soft waterHydrogen peroxide (H2O2):   Consuming volume0.2L/shiftQualityconcentration of 35%(without wetting agent), purity meets GB6686Aseptic Juice Carton Filling Machine CBA6000 Aseptic Juice Carton Filling Machine CBA6000Aseptic Juice Carton Filling Machine CBA6000